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Python-URL! Website
Python-URL! offers a weekly newsletter of the latest in Python.

Price: US$ - Updated: 14/12/2005

Python Library Reference Search Website
Offers a Python Library Reference Search.

Price: US$ - Updated: 14/12/2005

O Website
It's not the only way to do it, though. Python has a powerful interactive debugger that can let you get to the heart of your problem faster and more easily--if you know how to use it. Jeremy Jones shows off the features you absolutely must know. [Python DevCenter]

Price: US$ - Updated: 14/12/2005 Website
JavaScript Section at is a website which gives detailed about the client side javascripts, core side javascripts, and server side java scripts. This site gives information about client side javascripts like 1.3 PDF Guide, And tutorials for Total Non Programmer and more. And also has information about the sponsored ads and the reference book.

Price: Free - Updated: 14/12/2005

Daily Python-URL Website
Mike Fletcher: Screencasting via Gstreamer from Python [«Rather than charge back into doing work on Cinemon when it's late, I decided to focus instead on one of the side projects that's been sitting there in the project for a while, namely producing a screencast of basic usage for Cinemon.»]

Price: US$ - Updated: 14/12/2005

ActiveState - Python Resources Website
If you are one of the millions of programmers who have chosen Microsoft's Visual Studio as your development framework, you can now add Python to the list of fully-supported languages. Visual Python's familiar interface and array of features bring a powerful Python programming experience to the Microsoft desktop.

Price: US$ - Updated: 14/12/2005 (C) 2004 Email Protection by Permission