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Classified Ads Listings
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# CCS Classifieds Website
CCS Classifieds from Clue Consultancy Services is a powerful php and SEO-optimized Classified Ads application with which you can initiate your automated classified ads site. With it you will be able to accept ads with or without pictures and other multimedia files. Its robust search (keyword or advanced) and browsing abilities are inimitable.The package will enable you to create categories and subcategories for practically anything under the sun, and you will find it extremely easy to make and place templates, regular or customized, for them with our inbuilt editor. You will also be able to set up user groups according to various profiles, and you can expect real time statistics for each classified ad.Besides, its multiple subscription or pay-per-ad plans billing will not require any manual transactions but will be automatic and hassle free and will be made through gateways such as PayPal.

Price: 200 - Version: 1.0 - Platform(s): All - Updated: 14/07/2008

GS Real Estate Portal Website
GS Real Estate Portal Pro is very impressive addition for real-estate business. GS Real Estate Portal Pro has been developed in PHP and MySQL with enhanced feature of International, US and UAE. Strong Admin control on complete website managing ads, banners, packages, add edit categories and much much more etc. Designed especially for Real-estate agents, Google Adsense, Google Map and a lot more Meit features: Property listing admin, Agent login, multiple picture upload, Slide Show,header and footer templates separate files, CSS controlled and easy to use admin functions allows quick updates of listings. 2Checkout and PayPal payment gateway involve for receiving payments from signup members.

Price: $71.52 - Version: 2.0 - Platform(s): all - Updated: 18/06/2008

Classifieds Ads Script Website
Professional Online Classifieds Software. Free installation, tech support, and lifetime upgrades. The most advanced and popular personals script on the Web. AJ Classifieds ad software empowers your online community with effective tools to attract and retain more visitors to your web site.

Price: 299 Euro - Version: User version - Platform(s): Linux,windows - Updated: 22/05/2008

phpBazar Website
PhpBazar is full featured classfieds AD and Match Making software. This provides webbased setup program to install and update. This is Easy to Config (config.php-File, style.css-File). Supports Multi Language and can easily customizeable with Variables & Templates (incl.: English, German). Provides Online Language Switch, Automatic Dynamic PageBreaks, Authentification (Cookie based), Password retrieval, support of unlimited categories-) Category Structured Display, structred category display and more

Price: $99.95 - Version: 1.59 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Windows - Updated: 25/01/2008

phpBazar Website
phpBazar is a classifieds ads script made in PHP

Price: US $99.95 - Version: 1.58 - Platform(s): Linux, Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP3/4 - Updated: 25/01/2008

phpAdBoard Website
phpAdBoard is For Sale/Wanted classified ads system, which includes everything needed to run your high quality, maintenance free market-place on the internet. phpAdBoard is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to increase their traffic and attract new visitors.

Price: Free/US $39.50 - Version: 1.02 - Platform(s): Unix/WinAll - Updated: 25/01/2008

PHP MatchMaker Website
PHP MatchMaker is a personal classified program, specially designed for finding matches of people. After login in, you can choose to edit your profile, edit your wish-partners profile, upload pictures, use the internal mail program etc, and everything is kept anonymous for other users. The program is offcourse built with MySql. Other features is a list of people that view your ad (if they are logged in), a list with matches that also displays a grade for how your interests match. To use this program, you must have PHP4, MySql installed on your server, along with session support. If you are unsure if you have these needs, take contact BEFORE you buy. To get this program, you need to buy it. Licence fee include upgrades for a year, and basic help to get started customize the program. This provides Admin program for making fields (checkbox, drop down etc), User ControlPanel to Manage own profile (age, sex, interests etc), Manage dream profile (whom you are looking for). You can View statistics (who have seen your ads?), View mail in the internal mail system, View matches along with matchscore, View list of favorites, Upload picture. You can Search on gender, place, age (can be more parameters on request). Detailed view with option to Add user to your favorites, Send mail to the user, View searchresult along with profile, View picture, View last-login. List of latest ads in detailed view if not search. Location and gender search, Encrypted password in mysql and Simple monthly statistics in admin panel. And more

Price: $99 - Version: 1.2 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Windows - Updated: 25/01/2008

Php Jobsite Website
You can add as many languages as you want. Adding/editing language settings is very easy (more info on the admin area). The script has some advanced customization option (this can be found also in the admin area) which can be used to integrate the script into your website design (layout) and adjust to your preferences. - You don't have to know programming to be able to make this kind of changes , you don't even have to open a file. Editing the settings, language options is as simple as browsing with your preferred browser.If you can't manage this or some problems occurred, we are offering our help to make the necessary changes. - Another feature is the Planning (or membership) possibilities, making the registered employers to select an appropriate planning for his recruitment (number of jobs, featured jobs, resumes consultation) and to pay for the selected planning(membership). Also can offer registration periods with different discounts, free planning (membership) or no planning at all (in this case job posting and resume consulting is free).Credit Card processing has been also integrated (2checkout,paypal,,manual...etc...the demo is providing only a test with manual processing). - Current version of the Php-Jobsite is 1.34. Please read more about our Upgrade Policy here. Employers: registration for free modify profile upload logo select/change planning type invoice administration add/edit/view jobs archivate/renew old jobs job apply list/private messages sent/private messages received search/consult jobseeker's resumes Boomark/email jobseekers resumes statistics about job view and job apply received display own posted jobs on their own website with the crosss network option ResumeMail - daily/weekly sent resumes matching emloyer's job(s) employer support delete account credit-card payment for job posting (Paypal,,,,, or manual). create sub-accounts(allowed by plan/membership or by admin) auto renew jobs Jobseekers: registration for free modify profile jobmail (daily/weekly new jobs notification matching posted resume) job matching - link to display the jobs matching text resume post / modify text resume upload resume file quick job search advanced job search view jobs latest jobs list apply online to a job Bookmark jobs employers list Job apply list / private messages sent / private messages received resume view and download statistics jobseeker support delete account retrieve forgotten password job apply to more jobs at once Online Demo Buy You can try our Online Demo. Feel free to register yourself as an employer and jobseeker, and play with the script. You can buy job posting posibilities, upgrade planning, post jobs, search resumes, post resumes, search jobs, etc. At the end you can use the admin area to delete yourself from this demo. Administration: edit/delete companies, jobs, jobseekers, resumes suspend/unsuspend employer/jobseeker account edit/delete/add invoices edit/delete planning types edit/delete languages (job categories, locations, employment types, date format, price format...etc) show latest planning upgrades or additional job purchase validate manual or not automatic purchases job applies,private messages bulk email to all employers/jobseekers - criteria in the admin change/set admin password add/modify admin user and select section to be able to modify backup/restore/export database edit Email Messages which are sent by the system add/modify skins for layout display edit skin Html Files - header/footer for different languages, style sheets and jobseeker, employer navigation..etc. edit language options like price format, date format, character set..etc. Cross Network Options/RSS Feeds to show your jobs on other sites Archived jobs/resumes/jobseekers/employers expired jobs, mailed jobs (this have to be run once a day, in Unix system by crontab, in Windows by Task Scheduler, or any other schedulers) edit/add/delete news and events edit/add/delete articles and resources and more... Online Admin Demo To access the demo admin area, here are the login information: username: admin password: admin Requirements: php language (4.x), mysql database, any web server; Server Compatibility Test - Download a simple php file to see if this script will run on your server! More Details... For questions and other informations please visit our Forum or contact us in email. Thanks! User Reviews : Write a review about this product Ross24-Jan-2008 09:50:53 Even after 5+ years this script is still the best on the market! Paul L.23-Aug-2007 07:35:51 BitmixSoft has a superb team who managed to raise the bar of customer support to the new level. I highly recommend them to others who would like to get superb service like I did. They were instrumental in helping us customize the code and getting it up to web 2.0 standard. Great job guys. Thx a bunch, Paul R. Wasilewski19-Mar-2007 16:48:09 A really good and easy in use script, with expirienced and professional support team, having an answer on all you questions. FG14-Dec-2006 14:55:09 Since there is a lot of open source PHP software available, some might think 349.00 (US dollars) is too much. Based on the quality of the software as well as the support, I am would say it is 100% worth it. The software itself is very full featured and if you need to customize it is very easy with some HTML or PHP skills. The support is some of the best I have ever come across. They are always responsive and are also willing to help with reasonable customizations. Thank you ScriptDemo! AJ30-Nov-2006 Well in the beginning the support was great just like other have said. After the 1.34 upgrade there were some serious problems I was having and apparently I asked too many questions and supports would not answer me any more. I am not not allowed to even access the help forums. It appears I have been blocked completely and left on my own with bugs to fix from the upgrade. I guess I will have to hire a 3rd party programmer to fix all the bugs in the 1.34 upgrade that was just released. Agnieszka MelsysTech Ltd22-Jun-2006 10:10:36 Hi We have just bought the script and we have to agree this script is very good, we are happy with the script administration pane, everything seems to be easy and BitmixSoft Customer service. This script is worth its price. Good Job!!! Robbin21-Jan-2006 14:19:43 Reading through some of these and had to put in my Two Cents. I Bought the script 8 months ago and the support from this team has been 1000%. Never have i seen support of this magnatude. Hell I have a hard time booting up my pc. Have a Problem? email them to find the solution and they go in a fix it for you!!! as far as the cost of this script, worth every penny and more, my first site (i just bought a second Php site from them) was paid for in a couple days. You get what you pay for, Php jobsite script 349.00 US, Support you can't put a price on it from these Guys/Gals. Keep up the Great work!!!! JSI19-Nov-2005 03:51:52 This script is excellent! The support is excellent too! There is nothing that these guys can not do. I have had some pretty unique requests, and they have been able to them all. These guys are absolutely AWESOME!!!! Cheers, JSI rich9609-Aug-2005 14:03:31 I evaluated several jobsite scripts and this one won me over BUT I'm having a hard time getting support. I sent an e-mail requesting some customisation and they replied but nothing since the first contact. I guess they don't want my money, I was willing to PAY good money for the changes. paullove03-Aug-2005 23:00:54 The developer should take consideration about this analyzer result Note! This site does NOT provide the robots.txt file or the robots.txt file is not constructed properly. It is recommended all sites provide this file. For more information on how to properly construct and use the robots.txt file consider becoming a member. NEW! - Have you seen our new Keyword Density Analyzer? The keyword density of a Web page is now considerd the most important part of search engine optimization. Below are the results fetched from the Web page listed above. From here you can instantly submit this page to several search engines for free, but before you submit you should make sure this page is truly "search engine friendly". The BIGGEST mistake submitter's make is submitting a Web page that is not search engine friendly. Tip - If you're serious about promoting your Web site you should become a member. All members receive unlimited access to our Web Page Analyzer and they can submit to many more TOP search engines for free using Easy Submit than non members can. Matt Colyer ( 18:43:53 Often I get frustrated with another scripts because they turn out to be terrible, I have seen and used other scripts similar to this one and none them were great as this script. benreason05-May-2005 03:33:18 Well interms of design quite ok...with the version upgrade. MMm the front page should be make up more, the resume posting kinda confusin especially ...there is some resum posting written more than twice, years stated for experienced confusing, the interface sometimes run out of the setting... the price is very high, USD349 they shuold reduce the price or..price relocation is better..depending on the country. The admin function kinda confusing, especially for the setting up the place and new address, you can add nested place like...USA..there is a sub country and and..else... please take consideration of my comment Mountain06-Mar-2005 We were deciding between PHPJobsite and another less expensive job board software. In the end, we decided to buy PHPJobsite because of the superior merits of the software and the amazing customization that even a non-techie can accomplish very easily. But what really seal the deal for us is the superb tech support as evidenced by the various testimonials. This program is mature and can compete with other job board software costing thousands of dollars. BTW, PHPJobsite is evolving and there will be an upcoming upgrade version that is even more powerful and feature-rich. For those of you who are reading this testimonial and still agonizing what job board software to buy, look no further because PHPJobsite is *DA BOMB* Buy it now and you won't regret your decision. Simone Emmons08-Dec-2004 I can't say enough good things about the job script and the customer service and dedication of the support team. Take a look at - the design was done by our designer and they integrated the script with the design. I am so happy with the script and it has earned me already a great amount of money. There are hardly any errors or bugs and when there is an issue they are usually fixed by the next day or right away. They have also done a customized script on which is working fantastic. I wish they would have much more time to do many more of my projects :-) As far as the price is concerned it is very reasonable and affordable and I don't think you can find anything better or cheaper out there. I'll give them a 10 plus! Fred Roosli27-Oct-2004 If you're serious about running a high volume job board that works perfectly in all facets and is infinitely customizable, this is the software and support company you need. Enough said. Paul05-Sep-2004 I posted on here back in september 2003 and promised an update. Well so far I have developed 2 websites using this script. Both have required customisations. These guys have developed the script according to my requirements both in timescale and cost. I am very happy with their work. Any problems have been sorted out as and when they occur. THESE GUYS OFFER CUSTOMER SUPPORT SECOND TO NONE! Keep up the good work! Paul Daniel M.22-Aug-2004 I needed a heavy customization to be achieved on the script. They did an excellent job and we are very happy with it. Support is very reactive and efficient and always willing to help at any time. A 100% customer oriented company! S.O26-Apr-2004 This script is one of the best scripts I know of. Not only because its good but also because of the excellent support and frequent updates. I believe this script has a great future and dont find the price high for such a service. Keep up the good work! Carl Farrington24-Feb-2004 After an exhaustive search, I finally found the script I needed. I originally tried to get discount, but am glad I did'nt. I would have felt guilty paying any less. The best script I have come across on the net.... period...... Ahmad Al Raie23-Feb-2004 Good job! Admin site is very professional but the frontline needs more customization and improvement Thanks and good luck Michael06-Feb-2004 Well worth the price. The definition of "Support" is I give them a 10 out of 10. Michael Tim Swale-Jarman17-Jan-2004 This script may appear to be quite expensive, but I would not hesitate in making the purchase. You are getting a quality script with backup and support that is excellent. Modifications are undertaken within hours. Thsi was the best investment we have made for ages. -= DR.X =-30-Dec-2003 Its Best of the Best, I search all the internet I did not find a single seript doing 20% of what this script does. Erlandas19-Dec-2003 We did a lot of customization on this script with a great help of PHP guys. As far as I know they aren't a big company, so less bureaucracy they have than others and respond usually very fast. Because of that we could achieve great results on this jobsite script . You can take a look at their work at . Tim V12-Dec-2003 Hey, was this script $199 before and now is up to $299? Just wondering, I wanted to get it but only have a budget for $200. Maybe it will go back to this price. I will keep checking. Thanks Rick Smit04-Dec-2003 I've been configuring this script over the past couple of days and translated the entire site to dutch. Take a look at Everytime I get a problem I simply email these guys. The guys are brilliant! I've never had such a perfect service!!! The PHP-Jobsite is way underpriced if you ask me!!! Keep up the good work!!! Bill Thomas22-Nov-2003 What is the deal with all the whining kids on here wanting everything for nothing? This product is way underpriced if you ask me. JV Media Design11-Nov-2003 We are very pleased with the PHP Jobsite script. Also, BitmixSoft has been very helpful with their customer service. We highly recommend this product and this company. Ch. M07-Nov-2003 A great robust product package. Very well DONE! I definitely recommend it. Support highly reliable. Great TEAM --Ch Sebastian27-Oct-2003 Hi...This script looks very good! Is there any easy way to change the name of categories or will it be a huge disaster? Are there any more demos? Thx for an answer. Adam22-Oct-2003 Looks like nice scripts. Is there any way they are going on sale any time soon? Like maybe a christmas special for 50% off or something? Cmon guys :) Nicolas Tritt13-Oct-2003 Hi there! We're a non-profit organisation who want to help kids find an apprentiship (how do you wright that in english?). Is'nt there a way we could get it free or at least cheaper? Greetings Nicolas Paul18-Sep-2003 I've been configuring this script over the past couple of days and everytime I get a problem I simply email these guys. They answer before my coffee gets cold. I cannot believe how quick these guys are. So far the script seems to do what I want. I'll keep you all updated. Keep up the good work! Paul Tim17-Sep-2003 Come on guys, nice script and that, but dont you have end of the year clearance sale?? Nick13-Sep-2003 It looks good but the price is a steal David29-Aug-2003 very nice script, loved it, but shame i cant afford it Bander Al-Badr28-Aug-2003 I loved this script it's easy and simple. Top job locater in the Middle East-Saudi Arabia Nakul Goyal17-Aug-2003 Nice Script. -- Nakul Goyal Sad20-Jul-2003 I wish I could afford the price tag. Looks like a great software package. I wish they would run a sale on it. arghh :( Ade Atobatele13-Jul-2003 While the product is VERY good, the best part about it all is the SUPPORT. Support is excellent, timely, and afforable. Been running it for well over a year now. No crashes, no unexpected hiccups. What more can one ask for? chili25-Jun-2003 ok product, but not very cheap price:-) Juan21-Jun-2003 I recently purchased this product and I got to say that it was money well spent. PHP-Jobsite is a very professional script. Some of the others I've seen do not compare in quality or in price. Customer Support has also been excellent. I'll recommend this script to anyone looking to start a professional Career Board!! Thanks, Sam16-May-2003 I spent so much time in building a Java website which has the same functionnalities as PHPJob but has too much bugs... It's unbelievable ! This script is very very nice, has all the modules needed to run a good job board. The support is also very good, very kindful. No comments ! Ryan14-May-2003 Very, very well done, nothing left out. Nice script, I'll take it. johnu13-May-2003 its ok JohnnyO12-May-2003 I've been in the Staffing Business for over 20 years. I've seen many "job board" programs.I will tell you that PHP-Jobsite is about the best I've seem in terms of layout and functionality, not to mention a very favorable price for the product,so much so, I've decided to make it a part of my Web Site. Like everything else, don't take my word for it, check it out yourself! Chris Valk05-May-2003 If you want the best Jobsite script available today, this is the one. I havent found a single flaw in the script. You owe it to yourself to invest in this fine product. Kathy Block25-Apr-2003 I love this product. I've found it to be easy to customize and use. You can use us as a positive reference! Joseph S. Jordan Sr.10-Mar-2003 Great Product, Excellent Support, Fast Service! Lee Jackson27-Feb-2003 This script is AMAZING! The support is fantastic. I have asked the support team a million and one questions and they always respond withing 30 minutes by email! The Program itself is very flexible and versatile. It have FULL user customisation and runs at a good speed. The scripts are sef explanatory and easily edited. Overall this Program is FANTASTIC! I recommend this script HIGHLY Lee. Marco Janeczek ( VERY GOOD SCRIPT... will outsource more code... from Edwin Blom09-Jan-2003 A very nice program. My compliments and de service is also good and quick. Ramzi I Janati29-Dec-2002 Hi everybody, what else can be said, At this price and with these features you will be stupid not to get it. I bought it few days ago and it's already runing on my site, I'm just customizing the look of it a bit (which is not difficult by the way). The guys at Bitmixsoft are really nice and helpful. Bhuvnesh K Sharma25-Dec-2002 With this price, what else one can ask for. Great job !!! Keep it up. Simona Lombardo13-Dec-2002 Excellent scrip and outstanding customer service. Mike Kuhn13-Dec-2002 A very good script and excellent value. The program works very well and the customer support has been fantastic. Joel Robinson26-Nov-2002 Great script - the best jobs program on the market. I have two sites and use this script on both sites! test10024-Nov-2002 it's goog meno20-Nov-2002 This is a very good script!!! A+++ User Reviews : Write a review about this product

Price: $200 - Version: 1.0 - Platform(s): Linux, Unix, Windows NT/2000 - Updated: 25/01/2008

PHP Classifieds scripts Website
Classifieds are an age old tried and tested form of selling that everyone is familiar with. From getting rid of those old skis in your basement to selling your family vehicle so you can upgrade. Classifieds are an excellent revenue generator that brings sellers and buyers together. With our classifieds site, you can build revenues by offering a service that everyone can use. How it works The classifieds site is a 100% automated site that allows seller to post ads based on categories. The site comes preprogrammed with PayPal and Stormpay as payment processors using the IPN system for a truly hands free experience. Sellers create an account and pick a package to post their ads that the admin specifies, which includes choosing from standard ads to featured ads that appear on the main webpage.

Price: GPL - Updated: 25/01/2008

Personal Ads Server Website
Have you ever wanted to run your own Personal Ads Site? There is a huge Market for this type of website. With this script you can tap this market and make alot of money. More and more of your target market are going online to find that right person. Now you can help them out! Not only will this help bring more visitors to your site and keep them coming back, BUT it can increase your income by selling credits for them to send messages!

Price: 34.99 - Version: 1.1 - Platform(s): unix.linux - Updated: 25/01/2008

Classified Ads Listings
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