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References Listings
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Xpand tools- Event calandar Website
This script is built in ASP used for creating a simple online calendar which is used for adding events online. It supports unlimited number of events in a calendar. To add event it displays a form on which the visitors have to fill out and submit the form. The message will be displayed on the given date. It is easy to use and to configure.

Price: Free Trial / US $ 49.99 - Version: 1.0 - Updated: 07/04/2006

XcCal Website
We provide a variety of ASP web server applications which are "ready to run" that will allow you to create e-Commerce websites with dynamic and interactive content quickly and easily! Our web server software is suitable for sites and organizations of all sizes, from small business on up becasue our web server applications are built to scale up to very active web sites with many users.

Price: Free - Version: 1.2 - Platform(s): Windows - Updated: 07/04/2006

webCal Website
Edits or deletions of a recurring event can be limited to the selected occurence or only future ocurrences, or be unlimited (apply to all occurrences of the event) Entering dates in the edit form is made easier by a pop-up mini-calendar which automatically inserts the date you click into whichever date field you had selected. You can still, however, type the date in yourself. If you return to an already filled date field the mini-calendar will pop-up to the date in that field.

Price: $65 - Version: 3.5 - Platform(s): Windows - Updated: 07/04/2006

Web-Calendar Lite Website
Web Calendar Lite is a free ASP calendar application with a user-friendly interface. You can add and delete entries. Uses an Access 2000 Database.

Price: Free - Version: 1.0 - Platform(s): Windows - Updated: 07/04/2006

Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod Website
This is an ASP based program that can be used by the users to create and manage web calendar. This calendar supports for event scheduling and allows users to manage events by adding, deleting and editing. This program also facilitates to highlight the birthday of the members. This is an easy to use program.

Price: Free - Version: 3.0 - Updated: 07/04/2006

VisualASP WebSchedule Application Website
This script is basically for developing a powerful event calendar on the web pages by the webmasters. It uses database to store data. It supports MS Access database, MS SQL and other ODBC databases. It has password protection facility that provides security for the added events and data. It displays calendar in four different views like month view, day view, week view and time view and more features are available.

Price: Free Trial / Commercial - Version: 1.2 - Updated: 07/04/2006

An Introduction to Microsoft .NET Website
Its already here Beta Version 2 has just been released thousands of pages have been written about it and the first books are on the market. Trying to figure it out exactly what .NET really is was not as easy as you would expect.

Price: Free - Updated: 24/12/2005

An ASP You Can Grasp: The ABCs of Active Server Pages Website
It gives the real meaning of ASP, describes the standard objects for global use, books that are recommended for ASP, and more. This is an very useful article for the novice programmers.

Price: Free - Updated: 24/12/2005

Active Server Pages: What are Active Server Pages? Website
When you type a URL in the Address box or click a link on a Web page, you're asking a Web server on a computer somewhere to send a file to the Web browser (sometimes called a "client") on your computer. If that file is a normal HTML file, it looks exactly the same when your Web browser receives it as it did before the Web server sent it. After receiving the file, your Web browser displays its contents as a combination of text, images, and sounds.

Price: Free - Updated: 24/12/2005

Active Server Pages: General FAQ Website
This contains any types of questions like, the scripting language used with ASP, describe about the installation of ASP, editors to generate an ASP page, ASP running under the operating system, etc. This is an important knowledge base for the beginners.

Price: Free - Updated: 24/12/2005

References Listings
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