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Counting the Occurances of a Letter in a String Website
From this online ASP tutorial you can learn the string functions used to find the length of the string and to find how many times a letter occurs in a given text. This article suggests and describes Instr() function to find the occurance and implements the StringLen() function to search through the whole string to find the letter\'s positions. Sample code aids you to understand the function quickly.

Price: Free - Updated: 09/12/2005

Ad Mentor Website
Ad Mentor is an ASP program which is helpful for web site owners to cover their site with banners for increasing web traffic through their site. It helps business persons to increase their revenue by giving ads to the website. It uses different image formats to build rotating banners on the web pages. Users can use this tool easily and it is understandable.

Price: Free - Version: 3.02 - Platform(s): Windows XP - Updated: 29/11/2005

ASPBanner Unlimited Website
ASPBanner makes Banner Management and Ad Tracking an easy task. ASPBanner can serve millions of banners per day under a Microsoft SQL or MySQL installation and tens of thousands per day using MS Access. This is pure source code written in vbscript. There are no Dll\'s to install on the web server. Installation under a shared hosting environment is an easy process. The web editor you use does not matter. It can be FrontPage, Dreamweaver, UltraDev, NotePad, or anything for that matter.

Price: $50.00 - Version: 7.3 - Platform(s): win 98,NT,XP,2000,2003 - Updated: 26/11/2005 (C) 2004 Email Protection by Permission